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Shadow Shopper : Mystery Shopping Australia

Shadow Shopper has provided expert mystery shopping solutions for Australian businesses for over 10 years.

Whatever industry you are in, wherever you are, we will design and deliver a world-class program especially for your business.


Shadow Shopper will design a mystery shopping program especially for your business.
Experienced, certified shoppers matched to your customer profile are individually selected for every assignment. We make sure that you re completely happy with what they are going to do and say, and the information they are going to collect before your program starts.
You get your reports within 1 business day on your secure, customised website.
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Knowing your competition gives you a
huge competitive advantage.
Shadow can check your competitors without them knowing.
We can check their strengths and weaknesses, what they do better and what you do better, what their customer experience is like, what their customers think. Everything you need to know to get your competitive edge!
Talk to us today about how we can help.
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You can't be everywhere - but we can!
If you are wondering how to make sure that everything is happening as it should in all your locations then Shadow can help.
You can use our agents across Australia to visit your locations and do compliance checks.
You can even use our system, Shadow QC, to do some or all of them with your own staff.
Talk to us about how we can help.
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Want to reward staff for doing the right thing? The ideal way is by having a mystery shopper give a prize on the spot!
Its a great way to keep your staff - or your retailers - on their toes.
Checking out what your retailers do and say about your products can be an eye-opener, so checking that they are recommending your products, and rewarding them is the best way.
Talk to us about how we can help.
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Want to find out what consumers think - without having to wait weeks to set up a 'traditional' market research program?
If you are looking for a quick, effective way of finding out what your customers - or prospective customers - want, then Shadow Surveys is it.
With over 50,000 consumers on our database, our highly responsive panels can quickly deliver the information you need in days rather than weeks.
Talk to us about how we can help.
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Over the last 10 years, Shadow Shopper has worked with a wide range of industries.
They range from retailers and shopping centres, to service providers, government departments - too many to list here.
We take our client confidentiality very seriously - and all our mystery shoppers have signed confidentiality agreements so you won't see your business idscussed on social media or forums!
To get an idea of the kind of clients we have worked with click here


The Shadow Shopper Difference

Shadow Shopper works with clients to design and implement mystery shopping solutions that get accurate, valid and reliable information.

  • Leading mystery shopping company

  • 10 years experience in over 25 industries

  • 50,000 trained & certified shoppers

  • Quality assurance guarantee

Talk to us about what you'd like to achieve and we're happy to chat about how it could all work. We listen. We want happy customers every bit as much as you do!

What Customers Want

Check out our Infographic with the latest statistics on customer experience.

Find out what customers want and what they don't. We think you'll be quite surprised!

Customer eXperience Knowledge Centre

Thinking about measuring your customer experience but not sure how to go about it? Our practical reports are a great place to start!

What makes Shadow Reports so Great?

What to look for in mystery shopping reports and systems. All your questions answered!

Setting up a Mystery Shopping Program

A step by step guide to setting up an effective customer insight program quickly and easily!

Actionable Customer Insights

For a competitive advantage companies need timely, reliable and actionable information.

  • Dashboard driven, dynamic reporting

  • Individual location web access

  • Automatic alerts and notifications

  • 24/7 online reporting system

Competitive Advantage Book Coming Soon

Our new book will be in bookshops in early 2015!

Competitive Advantage, the
No 1 Business Tool to outsmart your competitors, is out soon.

It's an essential guide on the customer experience for business owners and managers in today's interconnected world.

Watch this space for a chance to win your free advance copy.

Competitive Advantage Book about customer experience

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