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Shadow Shopper : Mystery Shopping Australia

  Since 2004, our 50,000 shadow shoppers have been mystery shopping businesses throughout Australia and NZ.

What do customers want? (mystery shopping crowd scene)

Welcome to Shadow Shopper

Shadow Shopper helps businesses grow by finding out what their customer experience, what they want and their expectations. Businesses depend on satisfied customers returning and recommending them.

Happy customers recommend you online. Unhappy customers don't tell 10 others - now they tell millions! On social media customers to let everyone know about their customer experience. You want your business to get good publicity, not bad.

Happy mystery shopper leaving a business with good customer service

What Do Your Customers Really Experience?

Bad customer service is the main reason people don't return to a business. You can't be everywhere, so how do you know what your customers experience when you're not there? Things may be driving your customers away,giving your business a bad name.

Wouldn't you want to know before it damages your business? The only way to find out the real customer experience is mystery shopping. With a Shadow Shopper program you can see your business through your customers' eyes.

Bad waitress sneering at mystery shopper

Check Your Customer Experience With Shadow Shopper

We send in a Certified Shadow Shopper who acts as a 'real' customer. You get an easy-to-read report, fully customised, the next day so that you can get onto any problems before they damage your business.

So call us today. We are happy to have a chat and show you how we can help your business.

Call Shadow Shopper today: 1300 132 481.

Finding out the real customer experience? Priceless!

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Easy Steps to a Shadow Shopper Program

We know you're busy, so we make it quick and easy.

  • Tell us about your customers, and what's important

  • We design and set up the program, ready for your OK

  • We modify it until you are completely satisfied

  • We select experienced, certified shoppers matching your customer profile, you get results in one business day!

Customer eXperience - Latest News & Research

This week we look at the way humans see what they expect to see, not what is actually there. Customers and business owners / managers see completely different things.
Find out how gorillas, especially invisible ones, are important to your business!

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