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Shadow Shopper : Mystery Shopping Australia & NZ

  Since 2004, our 50,000 shadow shoppers have been finding out what real customers experience.

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Shadow Shopper : The Customer Experience Experts

A great customer experience. It's the difference between having 'raving fans' who will return again and again and unhappy customers who will actively discourage others from coming to your business.

Happy customers recommend you to others. To friends and family, and online. Unhappy customers don't tell 10 others any more - they tell millions! Customers love to let everyone know about their customer experiences - the good and the bad.

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Mystery Shopping Finds Out What Your Customers Really Experience

You can't be everywhere - but we can. A Certified Shadow Shopper visits your business, acting as a 'real' customer. Interacts with your staff. Checks your premises and products. Sees how customers are really treated. Mystery shopping is the only way you can find out what really happens when you're not watching.

The next day, you get an easy-to-read report, fully customised to your business. On a secure micro-site with all your reports and data, with graphing and analytic tools. Everything you need to get onto any problems before they damage your business.

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Check Your Customer Experience With Shadow Shopper

With Shadow Shopper you see your business through your customers' eyes. So call us today.

We're happy to have a chat and show you how we can
help your business.

Finding out the real customer experience? Priceless!

Call Shadow Shopper: 1300 132 481.

Australia's Leading Mystery Shopping Company

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Customer EXperience: Latest News and Research

December 2014

Big Data is going to transform the world every bit as much as the Internet has. Shadow looks at what Big Data is (and isn't) and what it can tell you about your customers.

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November 2014

Wardrobing is the latest trend - and that's not good news for retailers. Return fraud costs them $8.8 billion a year. 1 in 6 women have admitted to doing it. It's not just clothes. Electronic and consumer goods are targets too.

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