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  Since 2004, our 50,000 shadow shoppers have been mystery shopping businesses right across Australia and NZ.

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Welcome to Shadow Shopper

Shadow Shopper helps businesses grow by finding out how their customers are treated, what they want and what they like. Businesses depends on satisfied customers returning and telling their friends, but the Internet has changed everything.

Today customers are more connected and more informed than ever before. Happy customers recommend you online, but when they are unhappy, instead of telling 10 others they now tell millions! Businesses can be damaged and may never recover.

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What Do Your Customers Really Experience?

Bad customer service is the main reason customers don't return. You need to know how customers are treated when you're not there. If you could be everywhere at once there wouldn't be a problem. But you can't be, although you still need to know what is going on.

There may be things that are driving your customers away, and giving your business a bad name. Woulddn't you want to know before it damages your business? So you need to know how your customers are treated when no-one is there to watch. The only way is mystery shopping. You need to see your business through your customers' eyes.

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Check Your Customer Experience With Shadow Shopper

Mystery shopping is the only way you can find out what it's like to be your customer. We send in a Certified Shadow Shopper who acts as a 'real' customer. You get an easy-to-read report, customised to your business the next day, so that you can get onto any problems before they damage your business.

So call us today. We are happy to have a chat and show you how we can help your business. Improve customer satisfaction, optimise operations and maximise sales. So call us today: 1300 132 481.

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How a Shadow Shopper Program Works

We know you're busy, so we make it quick and easy.

  • You tell us what's important to your business

  • We design the program especially for your business

  • We get everything ready for your go-ahead

Then you start finding out what your customers really get and what your customers really want.

Mystery Shopping Reports In 1 Day

Every secret shopping report is carefully checked before we accept it. You get them within 1 business day on your private customised website.

Great graphing and analysis tools show how your business is tracking, and with our Online Query your staff can raise questions directly with Shadow Shopper.

Shadow Shopper : Secret Shopping & Mystery Shopping


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